About us

This a just a bit of brief history of how the secret swinger club came to be and some info about it’s designers.
It all started by running a simple twitter account based on homemade clips of amateurs, it was during this time we started to see more and more videos of amateur swingers popping up. We became interested in this new lifestyle and soon the account turned into a swinger community and with that we saw an influx of couples and other amateur swingers.
In time the popularity of the account grew to an amazing size and we realised that we needed a main community hub where our members could meet and relax in a private environment.

This is how the secret swinger club started to become a reality. Soon construction on the site began and within a month the community went live.

Mission Statement

We strive to be the best at what we do. And although we know that we are already one of the top class swinger clubs in the world, we are constantly looking to improve.

We do are best to keep the club as exclusive to lifestyle members as possible and want all our members to know that they are in a safe environment. You are free to share as little or much about yourselves as you want to and this site will never reveal any information about our members, so your can sure that your privacy is of the up most importance to us and will protect it at all costs.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the swinger lifestyle and firmly believe that consenting adult’s can express themselves in the way they see fit.
We this in mind we are dedicated to the lifestyle and bringing the community together to create the best possible experience for our members.
We would’t let people join a community that we personally weren’t proud of.


Meet  Our Team

The Jolly Roger


Site designer and founder and proud to be a big part in the lifestyle community.


Michele Heart

Technical Officer And Support

Michele is our support officer and handles site related problems.


Steve Johnson

Director of Marketing

Steve is our marketing director and manages all things promotional.




Concerns Or Questions

see our support area where you can find questions asked by our clients

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