As we are getting closer to the live launch of the secret swinger club, we though we would give out a few tips to those of you that might be new or just getting started in the swinging community.

  1. First and for most, always be yourself. Nobody enjoys a fake, and in this lifestyle people can usually tell. You are better off being honest and open and then the community will accept you.
  2. If your signing up as a couple, be sure to make one joint profile and discuss with each other what your both looking for together. Creating separate accounts at first can sometimes breed distrust, which is the last thing you need in this lifestyle choice.
  3. swinger club pictureAlways think about the sorts of things you would be interested in beforehand and plan accordingly. You don’t want to end up being put in a position where you feel uncomfortable.
  4. If you feel that in any way that swinging is wrong or uncomfortable to you, then the lifestyle is probably not the fit for you. If you think trying you first experience may change your view it probably won’t and may end up in embarrassment.
  5. Make sure you ask lots of questions and get to know people, the more experienced swingers will be happy to help you with the answers you need.
  6. Always remember to play safe. Most clubs or party’s provide condoms, lube, etc, but it’s always worth spending a bit of extra preparation time to make sure your fully equipped.durex box
  7. Whether it’s a club or private house party always make sure you know the rules and if in doubt ask. There’s normally a specific rules list for each establishment.
  8. Dress appropriately for the occasion. No body wants to see someone turn up in jeans and trainers, and you may even end up being turned away.
  9. Be prepared to bring your own drinks on a lot of occasions, because smaller venues may not have a licence to sell alcohol. While we are on the subject it’s important not to get too drunk on the night, as this can lead to awkward situations. If you feel the need to get that intoxicated, then this may not be the lifestyle for you.
  10. Last and not least, have fun. After all this is what swinging is all about.

Hopefully this short list gives you some idea of what the lifestyle is all about and some general terms of practice for you to get used to. Hope to see you at the launch of the site.

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